Indus Tower Ltd - DG Set - 11 Nos


Item Id 630
Category Indus Tower Ltd - DG Set - 11 Nos
Manufacture name M/s Indus Tower Ltd
Model name Indus Telecom - DG Set - 11 Nos
Model number 2020
Production date 01-Mar-2020
Location Nelamangala, Bangalore, Karnataka
Market Maker
Sound Invoice Value Rs. 90,000.00 / Pieces
Quantity 11 Pieces
Sound Invoice Lot Value Rs. 9,90,000.00
Reserve Price Rs. 35,000.00 / Pieces
Reserve Price Lot Value Rs. 3,85,000.00
Remaining Time
Ongoing Lot Bid Rs. 0.00
Current Bid Rs. 0.00 / Pieces
Incremental Bid / Pieces
Next Minimum Bid / Pieces


DG Set - 11 SETS

Term & Condition of e-Auction:

Disposal of the above material is being sold on‘ As Is Where Is’, ‘Whatever There Is’ and ‘No Complaint’ basis subject to the following condition:-

THE RATE FOR PURCHASE OF OFFERED GOODS IS TO BE SUBMITTED ON “Basic Amount Basis only ‘’ All applicable GST/Taxes will be levies Extra The sale of offered goods is per Unit basis. 

DYNAMIC TIME: The e-Auction shall automatically extend by 05 MINUTES in case someone enters a bid in the last one minute of the remaining time in closure of auction. This shall continue indefinitely until no one bids in the last one minute of the time remaining. Bids in dynamic time will be placed by 50% of incremental bid value.

The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid without assigning any reason to the bidder. Auctioneer’s reserves the right to restart the e-Auction at any stage.

The EMD of highest bidder/H1 will be refunded once the complete payment is received by insured/seller and complete material is lifted by highest bidder/H1 buyer.

EMD of the 2nd highest bidder shall be retained for 10 days from the date of approval of eAuction and may be asked to honor the deal at the second highest bid within the aforesaid period of 3days, failing of which his EMD will be forfeited

Buyers Have To Inspect The Material Thoroughly And Satisfy Themselves About The Nature, Hazardous/Explosive Properties, If Any, Before Submitting The Bid. In Case They Come Across Any Material Beyond The Scope Of The Description Of Material, It Should Be Informed To Seller/Auction Agency. Auction Agency Will Not Be Responsible For Any Complaint In This Regard.

The highest bidder shall submit Earnest Money Deposit online in a/c of INDUS TOWERS and as per sale intimation letter within 7 days of e auction for SOLD lots. The EMD must be @10% of the net sale Value quoted (excluding taxes &duties). Upon issue of the sale order the EMD shall automatically be converted into Security Deposit. The Security Deposit as specified in Sale Order shall be adjusted only at the time of final payment.

The quantity in actual may turn out to be more or less than the estimated quantity. In the event of quantity turning out to be more than the estimated quantity the buyer has to lift the allotted quantity (+/-5%) by making payment to INDUS and proportionate service charge to Auction  agency .In the event of actual quantity turning out to be less than the estimated quantity, proportionate amount and service charge will be refunded to buyer from INDUS and Auction agency respectively after confirmation from INDUS .

PAYMENT PERIOD : The cost of each lot of materials along with all taxes and duties must be paid by the buyer in EQUAL installment as per table given below:


Net sale value (excluding of taxes/ duties) for each lot

No. of Instalments

Payment period counted from date of letter of acceptance (including date of issue)

Up to & including Rs. 50 lacs.


7 days

ABOVE Rs. 50 lacs


07 days for first instalment; 7 days for second instalment from last date of making balance payment of 1st instalment

LATE PAYMENT PENALTY : If the payment is not made within the free payment date mentioned in the Acceptance Letter, the payment may be accepted on the discretion of Indus Towers up to a period of two weeks from the last date of payment on payment of additional late payment penalty @ 1% per week on the total sale value and thereafter on the sole discretion of INDUS TOWER

DELIVERY PERIOD: The successful bidders shall lift the all allotted material lying in the lot allotted to them by employing their own labor and transport at their own cost within 14 days from the date of Delivery Order (including date of issue) by Auction agency

Ground Rent @ 2 % per week or part there of beyond 14 Days will be levied and up to 2 weeks maximum, provided written request is received before the expiry of 14 days free lifting period, if no such request for extension is received, the sale order stands cancelled & security deposit forfeited on completion of 14 days of free lifting period.

For lifting of waste oil, batteries, non-ferrous waste such as lead, copper, zinc waste, e-waste etc, following certificate should made available with the buyer at the time delivery:    I) valid letter from the pollution control under air & water act. II) Valid authorization from the appropriate authorities as per law for handing of hazardous wastes under the hazardous wastes (Management & handling) rules 1989. 

Indus Tower Ltd - DG Set - 11 Nos
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