• Dalmia Cement - 4399 Bags at Sasaram Bihar Dalmia Cement - 4399 Bags at Sasaram Bihar

Dalmia Cement - 4399 Bags at Sasaram Bihar


Item Id 973
Category Dalmia Cement - 4399 Bags at Sasaram Bihar
Manufacture name Dalmia Cement Bharat Ltd.
Model name 38/2023
Model number 2023
Production date 18-Sep-2023
Location Gandhi Path, Sasara, Bihar
Market Maker meenakshi@salvagemanagers.com
Sound Invoice Value Rs. 350.00 / Pieces
Quantity 4399 Pieces
Sound Invoice Lot Value Rs. 15,39,650.00
Reserve Price Rs. 150.00 / Pieces
Reserve Price Lot Value Rs. 6,59,850.00
Remaining Time
Ongoing Lot Bid Rs. 0.00
Current Bid Rs. 0.00 / Pieces
Incremental Bid / Pieces
Next Minimum Bid / Pieces


RR: 262003680 (19.09.2023)

Invoice No.- 2311277448 & 449

Week # 38

Description of Goods



Dalmia PCC PP Trade Konark Yellow



Dalmia DSP






(These conditions override or supplement general T&C of this participation form)

Disposal of the above material is being held on following special conditions specific to this E-Auction:-

1.    Basis of sale: The sale of offered goods is Per Bag basis Inclusive of applicable GST/ taxes.

2.    The materials offered are damaged goods under insurance claim hence being offered for sale on “Whatever there is” and “No complaint” basis and ‘after defacement of damaged bags’’. No complaints whatsoever will be entertained after the bid is made. The bidder is deemed to have inspected, examined reasonably and satisfied himself as to all matters regarding condition, type, quality, and quantity. Rule of “Caveat Emptor” applies strictly.

3.    Deposits and Lifting: After depositing 100% advance payment within 2 days H1 buyer shall be allowed to start lifting and clear the lot awarded to them. The seller has indicated that the site can be cleared within a period of 3-4 working days from the date of receipt of delivery order by H1 . Any delay in doing the same, H1 shall be liable to pay ground rent for the salvage quantity uplifted and yet remaining at site. The rates charged would be Rs. 20/-bag per day.

4.     Disposal of salvage in presence of surveyor and defacement of damaged bags and thoroughly checking of week no. while disposing of damaged bags. 

5.    Incidental charges: All charges incidental to loading and lifting of material will be borne by the H1 Buyer. 

6.    Dynamic Time: The eAuction shall automatically extend by 05 MINUTES in case someone enters a bid in the last one minute of the remaining time in closure of auction. This shall continue indefinitely until no one bids in the last one minute of the time remaining. Bids in dynamic time can be placed by 50% of incremental bid value.

7.    Participation / Facilitation Fee = Rs. 500 + 18% GST = Rs. 590/-

8.    Information on invoicing: Registered Vendors

9.    Information on Taxes applicable: GST@28%

10. Additional information on usage of salvaged goods / Brand Clause etc: No.

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Email :meenakshi@salvagemanagers.com

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