Fire Damage Departmental Store


Item Id 327
Category Fire Damage Departmental Store
Manufacture name Mix Burnt Food item and store
Model name ----
Model number 2017
Production date 01-Nov-2017
Location East Of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi
Market Maker
Sound Invoice Value Rs. 5,00,000.00 / LOT
Quantity 1 LOT
Sound Invoice Lot Value Rs. 5,00,000.00
Reserve Price Rs. 1,25,000.00 / LOT
Reserve Price Lot Value Rs. 1,25,000.00
Remaining Time
Ongoing Lot Bid Rs. 0.00
Current Bid Rs. 0.00 / LOT
Incremental Bid / LOT
Next Minimum Bid / LOT


NFC Assets List 
S. No.ParticularQty.Remarks
1Batteries 135V4Semi burnt
2Inverter2Semi burnt
3Music System (Amplifier)1Semi burnt
4Speaker Ahuja16Completely burnt, Aash only
5Fire Alarm and MCP Panel1Semi burnt
6Hooter1Completely burnt, Aash only
7Smoke Detector24Completely burnt, Aash only
8Fire Cylinder 4.5 kg CO21Semi burnt
9Fire Cylinder 4.5 kg ABC5Semi burnt
10Air Curtain2Semi burnt
11Customer Shopping Basket36Completely burnt, Aash only
12Trolley153 pcs only 
13Weighing Scale Machine 31 kg capacity3Completely burnt, Aash only
14Weighing Scale Machine 100 kg capacity1Completely burnt, Aash only
15Chairs6Completely burnt, Aash only
16Stools6Completely burnt, Aash only
17Mobile Phone smart phone1Completely burnt, Aash only
18Mobile Phone normal3Completely burnt, Aash only
19Cash Counter4Semi burnt
20Cassette AC with pipe8Semi burnt
21Double Door Fridge8Semi burnt
22Single Door Fridge5Semi burnt
23CCTV Camera 32Completely burnt, Aash only
24CCTV Connectors & BNC & Installation32Completely burnt, Aash only
25DVR 2Completely burnt, Aash only
26Seagate Harddisk2Completely burnt, Aash only
27LCD TV2Completely burnt, Aash only
28Computers+Mouse+Keyboard5Completely burnt, Aash only
29Server + Monitor1Completely burnt, Aash only
30Barcode Printer (Pos)4Completely burnt, Aash only
31Barcode Scanner5Completely burnt, Aash only
32Wireless Barcode Scanner3Completely burnt, Aash only
33HP Enterprises Printer (Big Size Printer)1Completely burnt, Aash only
34Plastic Crate15Completely burnt, Aash only
35MCB Panel (Electric)1Semi burnt
36Network Rack with switch, IO, Network component1Completely burnt, Aash only
37Attendance Machine1Completely burnt, Aash only
38EPABX System1Completely burnt, Aash only
39Mobile Booster signal1Completely burnt, Aash only
40Fake Note Detection Machine1Completely burnt, Aash only
41Glow Sign Flex box1Iron Frame only
42Sign Board branding internal wall1Completely burnt, Aash only
43Safe Godrej1Semi burnt
44UPS 1 kva2Completely burnt, Aash only
45UPS 625 v5Completely burnt, Aash only
46Fan2Completely burnt, Aash only
47Exhaust Fan1Semi burnt
48Electric Wiring Completely burnt, Aash only
49Electric Main Cable 95*4 Completely burnt, Aash only
50Power factor2Semi burnt
51Racks (Furniture)400 appxSemi burnt
52Aluminum Stair1Semi burnt
53Glass Door & Glass completely broken
54SS Stair Case Semi burnt
55Fall Cealing/ POP Completely burnt, Aash only
56Wall POP Completely burnt, Aash only
57Paint Completely burnt, Aash only
58Floor Tiles broken
59Stair Stone Granite completely broken
60CCTV Wire, EPABX & Network wire Completely burnt, Aash only
61Food and Non Food item semi burnt 145 boxNo human consumption
Disposal of the above material will be on ‘As Is Where Is’, ‘Whatever There Is’ and ‘No Complaint’ basis.
Fire Damage Departmental Store Fire Damage Departmental Store Fire Damage Departmental Store Fire Damage Departmental Store Fire Damage Departmental Store Fire Damage Departmental Store Fire Damage Departmental Store Fire Damage Departmental Store Fire Damage Departmental Store Fire Damage Departmental Store Fire Damage Departmental Store
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