Tata Hitachi EX200 LC Super Plus-Banglore


Item Id 932
Category Tata Hitachi EX200 LC Super Plus-Banglore
Manufacture name Tata
Model name EX200 LC
Model number EX200 LC
Production date 30-Aug-2023
Location Nelamangala, Bangalore, Karnataka
Market Maker sidharth.nigam@salvagemanagers.com
Sound Invoice Value Rs. 51,00,000.00 / Vehicle
Quantity 1 Vehicle
Sound Invoice Lot Value Rs. 51,00,000.00
Reserve Price Rs. 10,00,000.00 / Vehicle
Reserve Price Lot Value Rs. 10,00,000.00
Remaining Time
Ongoing Lot Bid Rs. 0.00
Current Bid Rs. 0.00 / Vehicle
Incremental Bid / Vehicle
Next Minimum Bid / Vehicle


Tata Hitachi EX200 LC Super Plus

A.   SpecialConditions/CommercialTermsofthisE-Auction:


(Theseconditionsoverrideorsupplementgeneral T&Cofthisparticipationform)




1.    Basis of sale: The sale of offered goods is Complete Machine basis exclusive of applicable GST@18% & TCS@1%


2.    Deposits and Lifting: After depositing 100% advance payment H1 buyer shallbe allowed to start lifting and clear the lot awarded to them. The seller hasindicated that the site can be cleared within a period of 5-7 working days fromthedateofreceiptofdeliveryorderbyH1.Anydelayindoingthesame,H1shall be liable to pay ground rent for the salvage quantity uplifted and yetremainingatsite.Theratescharged wouldbeRs.1000/- perday.


3.    Incidental charges: All charges incidental to loading and lifting of material will bebornebytheH1Buyer.


4.    Dynamic Time: The eAuction shall automatically extend by 05 MINUTES in casesomeone enters a bid in the last one minute of the remaining time in closure ofauction. This shall continue indefinitely until no one bids in the last one minute ofthe time remaining. Bids in dynamic time can be placed by 50% of incrementalbid value.


5.    Participation/FacilitationFee=Rs.500+18%GST=Rs.590/-


6.    Informationoninvoicing:Rs. 51,00,000/- Including taxes


7.    InformationonTaxes applicable:


8.    Additionalinformationonusageofsalvagedgoods/BrandClauseetc: No.










1.    The materials offered are damaged goods under insurance claim hence being offeredfor sale on “As is Where is”, “Whatever there is” and “No complaint” basis. Nocomplaints whatsoever will be entertained after the bid is made. The bidder isdeemed to have inspected, examined reasonably, and satisfied himself as toall matters regarding condition, type, quality, and quantity. Rule of “CaveatEmptor”appliesstrictly.


2.    Please note that the bidder's username (email) will be enabled allowing the buyer tobid only if the above-mentioned EMD and participation form has been submittedwithinthestipulatedtimeandwrittenconfirmationisreceived.


3.    Emails are the preferred mode of communication. The buyers should use the sameemailIDsregistered bythemforthisE-Auction.


4.    There is generally no guarantee for quality of offered goods either byE-Auctioneeror by the seller, however it is the duty of the seller to ensure the compliance asper offer madebythemforthe quality&specificationtomatchwiththeoffermade.


5.    Lifting is to be made as per instructions given by the Seller. Room having a smallerquantity of material is to be lifted first, (IF so instructed by the Seller to MOA or E-Auctioneer or H1 in writing). The H1 Buyer shall not be allowed to pick or choose orsegregate any particular item out of the lot sold by the seller at the time of deliveryof the lot. The H1 Buyer shall be bound to clear the entire lot as directed by theseller onacleansweep basis.


6.    Verbalorwhatsappcommunications/instructionsshouldbeavoidedbyalltheparties.


7.    Participation Forminformation:


7.1.This form is called participation form and is a multi-party contract betweenseller, buyer, MOA and E-Auctioneer. The seller after signing NOC has agreed totheT&CoftheparticipationformandconsensusofMOAistakenduringfinalization of this form. The bidder has to sign and return this form. If due totechnicalissuesthebidderisallowedtoparticipatewithoutsigningtheparticipation form, but he has deposited EMD, it is deemed that they haveagreedtotheT&CofthisE-Auction.


7.2.Any other additional terms and conditions, contracts, agreements, easements,etc. entered between all or any stake holders (surveyors, insurers, insured,seller, insurance brokers, and buyer) privately for various reasons / actions (likedelays,rent,“forcemajeure”,etc.)arisingpriororsubsequenttothise-Auctionare not to be considered as part of this participation form. Any disputesarisingduetosuchprivatecontractsshouldbedealtseparatelywithoutinvolvinge-Auctioneer.








8.1.EMD is always 10% of the final bid amount. To facilitate participation ofmore buyers, we (E-Auctioneer and MOA) may allow participation at aloweramountthanmandatory10%.However,H1isrequiredtocompleteEMDamountinnext24hoursposttoclosureofeAuction.


8.2.Interested buyers must pre-qualify themselves for participation in the aboveauction, by paying a pre-bid amount / EMD of 150000 (One Lack Fifty Thousand Only) by mode of RTGS to thefollowingaccountalong withthis E-Auctionformdulyfilled&signed.




AxisBankLimited.Sector-27,Noida, U.P.


8.3.The pre-bid / EMD and eAuction form to be deposited in physical form orelectronic form (NEFT + scanned form of EMD) to thelatest by previous dayofe-Auction.


8.4.The EMD will not attract any interest & will be dealt with as per the procedurementioned below:-


8.4.1.   Wherever EMD is held by us, we are responsible for the return release.SellerorMOAhasnoroleofEMDforfeiting/retentionforH3&below.EMDofH1&H2isatdiscretionandinstructionsofthe sellerand MOA.


8.4.2.   Incaseofunsuccessfulbidders,(H3&Lower)EMDisrefundedimmediately after adjusting the facilitation fee, but not later than 7-10working days from the completion of the E-Auction process subject to theterms and conditions mentioned herein and at the website. EMD holder toensurecompliance.


8.4.3.   EMD of the H2 bidder shall be normally retain for 10 days from the date of approvalofE-Auction.However pleasereferpointno.8.4.1above.       The status of H1 bidder will be upgraded/confirmed as H1Buyerafterreceiptof10%EMDand100%advancepayment. He will be allowed lifting after depositing 100%payment+EMD10%       If the H1 bidder fails to deposit100% payment (apartfrom 10% EMD) of the final bid value, within 3 days afterhe is declared H1 bidder, his EMD will be forfeited and H2bidder will be upgraded to status of H1 and has to honour thedeal at the H2 bid value with privileges and penalties of H1bidder.








8.4.5.   The EMD of H1 bidder will be adjusted once the complete payment isreceived by the seller and also complete material is lifted by H1 bidder.Also adjustment will be made for fee and expenses against EMD if the sellerorMOAhasnotpaidforthesame.


8.4.6.   In case of “Buyer’s Non-performance” the EMD may still be forfeited.OpportunitymaybegiventoH2.


8.4.7.   In case “Seller’s Non-performance” the E-Auction may be cancelled withtotalcosttoberecovered fromseller.MOAtodecidethecourseofaction.


8.4.8.   “Non-performance” may be encountered wherever T&C of this documentand seller NOC are breached. The E-Auctioneer may decide on such casesunder consultationofMOA.Some examplescenariosare asunder:

1.    Delaysinpayments,

2.    Delaysinlifting,

3.    Criminal orillegal activities,

4.    Intimidationofeitherparty,

5.    NonadherencetotheT&Cofthisdocumentlike“caveatemptor”,“SpecialConditions”, “forcemajeure”,etc

6.    Partial“Non-performance”isalso“Non-performance”.

WhereverEMDheldbyE-Auctioneer,theEMDofH1andH2mayberefundedbyE-Auctioneeruponinstructionsofsellerand MOA.


9.    Responsibility of Seller: The seller has to depute one person who has to coordinateforpaymentacceptance,issueofdeliveryorders,salesinvoices,inspection

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