Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only


Item Id 930
Category Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only
Manufacture name M/s Khandelia Oil and General Mills
Model name ....
Model number ....
Production date 25-Aug-2023
Market Maker
Sound Invoice Value Rs. 1,33,000.00 / MT
Quantity 16.293 MT
Sound Invoice Lot Value Rs. 21,66,969.00
Reserve Price Rs. 65,000.00 / MT
Reserve Price Lot Value Rs. 10,59,045.00
Remaining Time
Ongoing Lot Bid Rs. 0.00
Current Bid Rs. 0.00 / MT
Incremental Bid / MT
Next Minimum Bid / MT


Material: Mustard Oil  

Qty- 16293 pouches of 1 Liter each


Basis of sale: The sale of offered goods is on MT (considering 1 MT = 1000 Liters) basis exclusive of applicable GST @ 5%

In 1 liter of pouch, total 910 Gram oil is available. Hence approximate qty in gram is 16293 Pouches X 910 Grams = 1,48,26,630/- Grams. The offers available of Rs. 65/- Per liter/Pouch without GST @ 5% with the higher authorities. We are running eAuction on MT basis, considering 1 MT = 1000 Liters  Whatever value we will receive in eAuction would be divided from the 1000 and will be considered as the value of 1 Liter/Pouch. Example- Auction closed at 75000 Per MT. Recovered value 75000 / 1000 = 75 Per Liter will be calculated without applicable GST@5%. In Rs. 75/- plus GST, 1 pouch of 1 Liter will be delivered to the highest buyer. Buyers are requested to place your bids by keeping this in mind.

Brand Clause etc: Yes, Oil will be delivered in loose condition from the insured premises. Salvage buyers will have to bring their own containers for loading purposes.

As this material is in pouches, 5% - 7% (+-) wastage/deduction in quantity may take place during the drainage process. Nobody is responsible for the wastage/deduction. Salvage buyers are requested to take care of the wastage/deduction in quantity during the drainage process & place your bid by considering/calculating the wastage/deduction. 

Salvage buyers will have to arrange the labour for the drainage process. Insured would not provide the labour for the drainage and loading process.

The sale of offered goods is on MT basis. Salvage managers do not take any responsibility for quality & quantity. Buyers are requested to visit the damage site before participating in eAuction and bid as per their own experience.

The materials offered are damaged goods under insurance claim hence being offered for sale on “As is Where is”, “Whatever there is” and “No complaint” basis. No complaints whatsoever will be entertained after the bid is made. The bidder is deemed to have inspected, examined reasonably and satisfied himself as to all matters regarding condition, type, quality, and quantity. Rule of “Caveat Emptor” applies strictly.

Loading & Lifting charges will be borne by the salvage buyer only.

eAuction Participation charges are Rs. 500 + GST @18%

DYNAMIC TIME: The eAuction shall automatically extend by 5 MINUTES in case someone enters a bid in the last one minute of the remaining time in closure of auction. This shall continue indefinitely until no one bids in the last one minute of the time remaining. Bids in dynamic time will be placed by 50% of incremental bid value.

The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid without assigning any reason to the bidder. Auctioneer’s reserves the right to restart the e-Auction at any stage.

After depositing 100% payment, the Purchaser shall start lifting and clear the lot awarded to him from the site within a period of 10 working days

The EMD of highest bidder/H1 will be refunded once the complete payment is received by insured/seller and complete material is lifted by highest bidder/H1 buyer.

EMD of the 2nd highest bidder shall be retained for 10 days from the date of approval of eAuction and may be asked to honor the deal at the second highest bid within the aforesaid period of 3 days.

The Salvage Managers or the associated Loss Adjusters or Underwriters, being only the facilitators for disposal of salvage, have no knowledge about the specific trade requirements and shall bear no responsibility of any kind, in this regard of whatsoever nature.

The website is maintained by the external agency at external servers. Any problem while bidding or technological glitches/problems may occur accidentally and such problems will be dealt in order to complete the entire process smoothly. The surveyor’s decision in this regard will be final as they have appointed us to bring transparency in the system by eAuctioning.  


Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only Mustard Oil outwardly scratched only
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