Burnt Cars, 18 Nos, Ambala


Item Id 290
Category Burnt Cars, 18 Nos, Ambala
Manufacture name M/s Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam
Model name XYZ
Model number 2017
Production date 22-May-2018
Location Baldev Nagar, Ambala, Haryana
Market Maker rahul.saini@salvagemanagers.com
Sound Invoice Value Rs. 1,08,00,000.00 / LOT
Quantity 01 LOT
Sound Invoice Lot Value Rs. 1,08,00,000.00
Reserve Price Rs. 1,80,000.00 / LOT
Reserve Price Lot Value Rs. 1,80,000.00
Remaining Time
Ongoing Lot Bid Rs. 0.00
Current Bid Rs. 0.00 / LOT
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 Burnt Vehicles – 18 Nos

HR03E-9335(2003)-Tampo Trax

HR32-2555(1991)-MM Pickup

HR06E-6868 (1999)-TATA Mobile

HRK-7267 - TATA Truck

HR07C-9354 (1998) - TATA Mobile

HR03B-179 (1998)(1817CC)-Ambassador Car

HR01F-0867(1998) -TATA 207

HR15-6493 (2002) - Tampo Trax

HR05A-7437 (1992) - MM Jeep

HR03C-0968(1999)( 1817CC)-Ambassador Car

HR27J-0021(2004)(1817CC)- Ambassador Car

HR04-2100(1991) - MM Jeep

HR03J-6110(2008)(57BHP)-Car Indigo CS

HR68-5292 (2005) - Omni Van Car

HR07F-1954 (2002)(65 BHP)-Bajaj Tampo Trax

HR02H-0271 (2001 )(2112CQ-MM Jeep

HR70F-0022(2008)(1193CC)-Car Indigo CS

HR05H-9402(2001)-MM Jeep

Disposal of the above material will be on ‘As Is Where Is’, ‘Whatever There Is’ and ‘No Complaint’ basis. 

Kindly place bid ONLY after inspecting the materials - offer given by you will be presumed that you have inspected the material.

DYNAMIC TIME:  The eAuction shall automatically extend by 10 MINUTES in case someone enters a bid in the last one minute of the remaining time in closure of auction. This shall continue indefinitely until no one bids in the last one minute of the time remaining. Bids in dynamic time will be placed by 50% of incremental bid value.

After depositing 25% payment, the Purchaser shall start lifting and post to 100% payment he shall be allowed to clear the lot awarded to him from the site within a period of 10 working days.

There is generally no guarantee for quality of offered goods either by us or by the owners, All charges incidental to loading and lifting of material will be borne by the Purchaser.

Auctioneer’s reserves the right to restart the e-Auction at any stage in case of IT/ Server Breakdown or any kind of technical fault/failure related to web portal.

The website www.salvagemanagers.com is maintained by external agency at external servers.  Any problem while bidding or technological glitches/problems may occur accidentally and such problems will be dealt in order to complete the entire process smoothly.  The surveyor’s decision in this regard will be final as they have appointed us to bring transparency in the system by eAuctioning.

Since the salvaged goods are under insurance claim, the same may become unavailable in case insured withdraws the claim. In that case this eAuction will be considered cancelled “Ab Initio” and the EMD will be refunded almost immediately without interest/penalty.

EMD of the 2nd highest bidder shall be retained for 10 days from the date of approval of eAuction and may be asked to honor the deal at the second highest bid within the aforesaid period of 3 days. 

Applicable Taxes :

Scrap - 18%,

PVC Scrap - 18%,

Burnt T/F - 18%,

Indigo Car(Petrol) - 12%,

Ambassador Car(petrol) - 18%,

MM pickup, MM Jeep, Tempo Trax, Truck - 18%.

However the taxes are as per govt and variable from time to time.

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